About us

We believe in supporting Aussies, so BARKBARK - based in Brisbane - provides Australian-made products from Australian-owned businesses to our customers, and we give back to the community through our Helping Paw program.

The idea for BARKBARK came about when our local dog park closed down, and we began to branch out into looking for new places to go on adventures together - we found that there's a limitless potential for canine-friendly adventures in South-East Queensland, and we decided that we wanted to help make a life full of enrichment more accessible to every dog and their owner.

Meet the BARKBARK team!

a smiling bearded man with a border collie

Chief Dog Dad
Giver of pats

Hi, I'm Rhys! I started BARKBARK with Hannibal and a mission to help dogs and their owners (that's you!) to live their best lives by providing quality Australian products to help you enjoy your time together, both indoors and out!

a smiling brunette woman with a border collie

Chief Dog Mum
Master of memes

Hi, I'm Jacinta! Bendix and I help curate, market and photograph the BARKBARK range to ensure that we only get our paws on only the highest quality stuff for you and your puppers, and that you find out about it!

a smiling blonde woman with three dogs

Head of Bandana Research and Development

Hi, I'm Kaz! I travel Australia with Sparky and my sewing equipment and I hand-make each of the bandanas for BARKBARK with the utmost love for what I do. I hope your dogs enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them!

a happy wheaten border collie looking at the camera

Chief Good Boy

I love to play chasies, to cuddle and go for drives!

a happy chocolate border collie looking at the camera

Head of Pawblic Relations

I love to play fetch, to bark at pesky birds and to go on road trips!

a happy boxer x bull mastiff looking at the camera

Pawfessional Model

I love to curl up in front of the fire, to cuddle, to snooze and to go for walks!