Our Promise

Only the best for your dog

We don't and won't compromise. BARKBARK offers safe and high quality products, and we are selective about our business partners and suppliers. We remain diligent in ensuring we don't source products that come from sweatshops or poorly-regulated factories, even if it'd save us money. BARKBARK means safe, quality enrichment of your life, and your dog's.


We're Aussies, supporting Aussies

We shop local first. When we look into selling a new product, we make every effort to source from Australian manufacturers first. If there are no Australian manufacturers to source from, our next stop is looking for Australian-designed products. If a particular type of product is not available from either Australian manufacturers or manufacturers using Australian designs, then we'll look to Australian-owned businesses that use overseas manufacturers. We note this in our product descriptions.

Additionally, 10% of BARKBARK's profits go directly to Australian charities, except for products that are otherwise noted, like our Digger Bandana (where we donate 80% instead of 10%). We also periodically change our supported charity so that we can spread the love around, and the BARKBARK community will always have the opportunity to help us choose who to support.


Honesty and transparency

In cases where we do source from overseas, we do our due diligence on the supplier to make sure that we're providing quality products to our customers. We believe in being transparent about how we do business and where our products come from, making us a little unique in the industry.