Aussie Dog Food by Scratch

Have you checked what's in your dog's food? We have, and we aren't impressed!

The pet food market is very poorly regulated around the world, and Australia is no exception. Dry dog food available at Australian pet stores and supermarkets is typically made by overseas multinationals using the lowest quality ingredients that yield the highest profit-margins, and that's not even mentioning how long it sits in warehouses before reaching supermarket shelves.

a dalmatian catching a piece of kibble from a hand on the left side of the photograph

Not good enough!

As you know, dogs are our favourite things in the world - but our second favourite is definitely Aussie-made and owned stuff. We reckon it's important to shop locally for a variety of reasons: to support local jobs, to help out the environment, and in the case of food, so that we can also rely on food made with fresher ingredients.

While it's true that many pet food brands are manufactured here, most of them are owned by multinationals and they're cheaping out on stuff that your best mate relies upon for their nutrition.

So what's a dog lover to do?

That's what we asked ourselves! We've partnered with Scratch Pet Food, because we reckon they're providing the best quality food you can get for your pup in Australia.

What's so good about Scratch?

It's made with whole Aussie produce, premium Aussie meats (and higher meat content than many dog foods), it's not owned by an international conglomerate (it's owned by Aussies), and they're straight up about what's inside it.

Want to know more? Check it out here.

Use the code BARKBARK when you sign up for Scratch to get $20 off your first order.